Well recognized in Bay Area parents community for art classes taught in our studios, we are bringing all our expertise to the Bay Area classrooms. Our program is based on our experience with teaching after school art classes and school break camps to the Bay Area kids.

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Taught by professional art teachers

(Not parents / volunteers)

Our teachers are art professionals with years of teaching experience, that have received training in our program. Children are provided with gentle guidance and support at all stages of the creative process.

Each student makes an original artwork

(not a variation of someone else's)

Within the main theme of the class, students create original compositions from scratch. We set no limits to their imagination!

Customizable for your school

We can make as many classes as the school needs, and focus on the subjects you prefer - all at an affordable price. We provide art materials, too!


1) Art fundamentals needed to draw fluently from life and from imagination, be that humans, animals, or the environment. 

2) Creative method - a way to transition an idea into a powerful statement.

3) Art history. Each lesson is dedicated to some epoch and starts with a short lecture, briefly touching on philosophy, history, and art of that period. 


Tradition & Antiquity

We’ve noticed that kids in grades K-3  see the world just like the ancient artists: in their work, they use flat silhouettes, bright colors, symbols, and almost no 3D. We based our K-3 curriculum on art of Antiquity and traditional arts and crafts from around the Globe. 


Intro to Realism

Children in grades 4-6 lean toward realistic representation.They are interested in mastering such concepts as shading and perspective. With them, we study art periods that have developed great realistic tradition: the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Victorian era.


The Art of Modern World

High schoolers care most about self-expression, just as the Modern artists did! We explore various ways to deliver an artist's message through the art of Modernism and Post-Modernism, as well as contemporary pop culture and Manga. 



All made during 55-minute long classes at North Star Academy, these galleries demonstrate a variety of students' approaches to one topic. Each lesson is centered around one art concept (human proportions / watercolor technique / perspective etc), or a particular art style. The rest is up to the kids!



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North Star Academy:

"Maria and Svetlana, the founders at this program have made a positive impact at our school. They provide art lessons for grades 3-8. They are always on time and highly organized. Our needs were different than at other schools, and they were happy to accommodate our needs. I liked that they were able to work with each grade level to come up with lessons that would correlate to curriculum, and also appease teachers. I also like that they are professional and prices are competitive with other providers in the area. Last but not least, they are highly knowledgable about their subject matter (art). I feel that they are able to provide quality lessons due to their deep understanding of art and how to produce art. They don't just teach students how to make art, they encourage students to produce a highly individual piece that is indicative of their inner creativity. They are also able to break down a lesson into parts so that students can follow instructions. I like that they provide detailed, yet simplified instructions during each lesson so that students can see the process and where to lesson is going. I look forward to continued collaboration at our school!

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Art School of SF Bay was founded in 2011 with the first location in San Francisco, CA. Since then we expanded and now have 3 locations throughout the Bay Area, where we teach weekly art classes for kids and adults, and art camps during school breaks. 


Since 2016 Art School of SF Bay started offering an art program for public and private schools with flexible customization for each individual school.  Customization allows us to achieve the best result in the art education of students within specific requirements and budgets. 




up to 35 students

K -8 (55 minutes)*


+ $25 material fee

*we do advise on longer lessons for older kids, but we understand the school schedule restrictions.


up to 12 students

K (45 minutes)


Gr 1-2 (1 hour) -



Gr 3-5 (1 hour 15 minutes) -


+ 20 material fee



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