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 The World Around Us
  1. Under the sea. Painting a sea animal. Demonstration of the watercolor technique. Watercolor paint.

  2. Space and life on other planets. Learning to use acrylic paint. Acrylic paint.

  3. World of insects. Study or butterflies and bugs. Understanding symmetry. Color pencils.

  4. Prehistoric world. Drawing a dinosaur. Intro to animal anatomy. Soft pastels.

  5. Sports. Intro to drawing a human figure in motion. Color pencils. 

  6. TV shows. Drawing a favorite character. Assessing likeness. Markers. 

  7. Books. Making a mini-book. Intro to storytelling. Construction paper, pencils, markers.

  8. Futurism. Designing an object that will exist in the future. Intro to design. Color pencils, markers.

Sample instructional video:
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