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Medieval Art
  1. Eastern Watercolor. Understanding Asian brush painting techniques, learning to make narrow and thick brushstrokes of different kinds. Painting a cherry blossom tree or koi fish. Watercolor paint, paper.

  2. Medieval Illuminated Letter. Learning about Arab and European Medieval book culture, making a large capital letter (called “initial” or “drop cap”) decorated with fantastic creatures and patterns. Pencils and markers on paper.

  3. Sculpting a gargoyle. Intro to Gothic architecture and animal anatomy. Sculpting an imaginary animal. Self-drying clay. 

  4. Stained Glass. Designing a personal coat of arms that includes objects and themes of interest to the student. Plexiglass, acrylic markers, glass paint.

  5. Making a castle. Recycled materials.

  6. Painting a knight in armor or a lady with a unicorn or a dragon. Lecture on medieval life. Understanding medieval fashion. Learning to draw humans proportionally. Acrylic paint on cardboard. Starting the project.

  7. Continuing and finalizing the knight or lady painting.

  8. Mosaics of Ravenna. Intro to the mosaic technique. Making a small mosaic tile. 

Sample instructional video:
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