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National Arts and Influence On Contemporary Art
  1. Indian Shadow Puppets. Lecture on Ramayana and traditional characters of shadow puppet theater. Designing and decorating a unique moving shadow puppet. Cardstock paper, markers.

  2. Australian Dot Painting and Pointillism. Lecture on Australian Tribal culture. Decorating an existent object like a bowl, cup, or rock with complicated dot ornaments in Indigenous Australian style. Acrylic paint, sticks, objects of everyday life.

  3. Russian Clay Toys and Joan Miro sculptures. Lecture on traditional Filimonovo and Dymkovo clay toys, references in the art of Joan Miro. Sculpting and painting a toy of a choice: turtle, cat, chicken, pig, horse, or human. Air-dry clay, acrylic paint.

  4. Japanese Art and Minimalism. Lecture on Japanese Symbolic Art. Creating an art piece according to minimalistic style guidelines. Cardboard, paint, collage.

  5. Arabic Calligraphy Drawings and Contemporary Lettering. Lecture on Arabic book culture, learning to assemble letters and text into a drawing. Markers on paper.

  6. Nick Cave’s study of African Shaman Costumes. Creating a clay sculpture of a human decorated with feathers, beads, fabric etc. Learning to assess human proportions while sculpting a standing figure. Clay and recycling materials.

  7. North American Tribal Art and contemporary jewelry. Making a dream catcher.

  8. Mexican Yarn Paintings. Making a small yarn painting influenced by Mexican art. Cardboard, yarn.

Sample instructional video:
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