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Victorian Art
  1. Drawing a lady or a gentleman. A general overview of the Victorian era, lecture on Victorian fashion. Lecture on human anatomy and proportions. Learning to draw a human in a realistic way. Pencils and markers on paper.

  2. Drawing a horse rider. Understanding horse anatomy and proportions. Lecture on carriages and Victorian saddle. Learning to draw a running horse. Watercolor and watercolor pencils on paper.

  3. Victorian Science and Culture. Drawing a portrait of a scientist, writer, or a book character. Lecture on the anatomy of the human head.

  4. The Victorian Machine. Lecture on the great technological achievements of the time. Creating a machine of choice: train, hot air balloon, sewing machine, photo camera, microscope, et cetera, out of recycled materials. Recycled materials, hot glue guns.

  5. Victorian Calligraphy. Learning to use calligraphy pens and ink, practicing cursive.

  6. Making a greeting card. Ink on paper.

  7. Impressionism. Understanding how the invention of photography led to the development of Pointillism and Impressionism. Mastering impressionist technique of painting, making a master copy of a landscape by Monet or Renoir. Acrylic paint on cardboard.

  8. Steam Punk. Intro to the contemporary retro-futuristic movement. Creating a unique painting in the style of steampunk. Watercolor paint and watercolor pencils on paper.

Sample instructional video:
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