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  1. Greek red-figured plates. Understanding such concepts as silhouette and rhythm, creating a unique stylized ornament. Markers and ink on paper.

  2. Imaginary animals of Babylon. Study of animal anatomy, learning to draw an animal. Watercolor on paper.

  3. Egyptian Murals. Learning about human anatomy and the Egyptian way of drawing people, creating a new Egyptian god. Acrylic paint and markers.

  4. Sculpting a Chinese Clay soldier. Learning to assess human proportions while sculpting a standing figure. Air-dry clay.

  5. Roman Fayum Portraits - part I. Learning to draw facial features. Color pencils.

  6. Roman Fayum Portraits - part II. Understanding the anatomy of a face, learning to draw faces, understanding likeness. Soft pastels on paper.

  7. Sculpting ancient beads and coins. Learning about archeological artifacts, understanding the basics of sculpting a relief. Self-drying clay. 

  8. Murals of Pompeii. Painting a simple still life. Acrylic paint.

Sample instructional video:
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