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Art Fundamentals for Grades 3-6

This course is teaching all important art fundamentals and all common art materials to kids of various levels. If your child wants to draw, paint and sculpt realistically from real life and imagination, it is the right choice. For drawing in cartoon style, check Manga / Comic.

Each lesson covers an important art concept, needed for fluent representational drawing and painting. It is combined with an 2-3 minute intro to a cultural phenomenon: a style, and epoch, or a single artist. Students get to create their original artworks from scratch within the guidelines of the topic. Each topic can be adjusted to a variety of levels, from beginners to advanced.

We start a lesson with a short lecture and demonstration (live in studios, pre-recorded for online lessons). Teachers provide advice, help, correct the digital image of a student's work, explain what works in particular cases and what does not, and why.

This class is ongoing, students can join anytime. Important concepts like drawing humans and animals, nature, and architecture are repeated every 1-2 months, each time associated with a new topic and art material. Topic rotation is 2-3 years. Art materials we master: acrylics, watercolor, pastels, pencil, markers, clay.

Sample galleries of students' works (click on the links to see the pictures):

Greek Vases: designing a unique black/red-figure vase 

Fayum Portrait: understanding facial anatomy and proportions, learning to draw faces alike

Medieval Manuscripts: creating an original design with a student's initial

Classical Landscape: understanding areal perspective, learning to draw clouds, trees, water, etc

Sculpting a coin: creating a coin with an original design

Chinese Watercolor: mastering watercolor brushstrokes

Sample Instructional Video


Painting a WinterLandscape, acrylics (Learning to mix colors, brushwork)


Painting a Watercolor Fish / Jellyfish, watercolor (Mastering wet-on-wet on wet-on-dry techniques)

Sculpting a Folk Clay Toy, clay (intro to sculpting and sculpture decorating)

Drawing a Chinese Dragon, markers (intro to animal anatomy and stylization)

Painting Flowers, acrylics (learning to see differences in flowers)

Drawing a Pokemon, markers (mastering symmetry in faces and bodies)


Egyptian Canon of Human Proportions, markers (learning to draw human figures)


Painting a Blossom Tree in front of the Mountain, acrylics (learning to mix colors, brushwork)

Sculpting a coin (intro to relief sculpting)

Painting a rose, watercolor technique (Mastering wet-on-wet on wet-on-dry techniques)

Painting a Spring Bunny, acrylics (animal anatomy)

Drawing a Favorite Cartoon Character, pencil (intro to facial anatomy) 

Painted initial (decorating a letter)

Mom& Baby Animal (animal anatomy: adults and babies)

Drawing a Butterfly / Bug of a Choice (Understanding symmetry, controlled position and size of objects). Watercolor, markers 

Arab Calligraphy and Word Art, markers 

Painting Superbloom

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