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Key Concepts of Fine Arts
  1. Color. Painting fruit. Learning to assess the desired color by mixing. Acrylic paint.

  2. Proportions. Sketching a toy. Understanding positioning on canvas and basic proportions. Color pencils.

  3. Symmetry and Rhythm. Designing a unique ornament. Learning to control the size and position of parts in a drawing. Watercolor.

  4. Animal Anatomy. Sketching plastic animals. Lecture on the differences and similarities between animal and human skeletons. Soft pastels.

  5. Human Anatomy. Drawing a proportional human figure. Color pencils.

  6. 3D. Sculpting a favorite cartoon character. Learning to express likeness in 3D. Oil-based clay.

  7. Color Harmonies. Painting a flower bouquet. Acrylic paint.

  8. Perspective. Drawing a landscape. Understanding linear and aerial perspective. Soft pastels.

Sample instructional video:
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